Central Mountain Air has a two-tiered approach in place for pilot hiring. The minimum requirements are as follows:


Tier 1 (Qualified for a Pilot Interview –  May Lead to  Invitation to an Initial Ground School ):



1)      Canadian Commercial Licence.

2)       Valid Multi Engine Instrument Rating

3)       IATRA Exam Completed and Passed.

4)       Minimum 1000 hours total time.


Applicants that fall with-in the first tier may be invited for a pilot interview which could lead to an invitation to attend an initial ground school.


Tier 2 (Qualified for Pilot Interview – May Lead to Ground Position):



1)       Canadian Commercial Licence.

2)       Valid Multi Engine Instrument Rating

3)       IATRA Exam Completed and Passed


This second Tier has been added to accommodate low time pilots breaking into the industry with a long term objective to become a First Officer at Central Mountain Air. 
Over the past few years, we have opened up ground positions to low time pilots that have had successful pilot interviews and defined a process for moving on to a pilot position.   
Successful applicants in the second tier are added to a low-time seniority list based on date-of-hire and are invited to an initial ground school upon reaching the top of the list. 
The time spent in the ground position is used to showcase work ethic and character and to become familiar with operational procedures.  
It is also a time to become familiar with the aircraft and company SOP’s.  A SIM evaluation is done prior to flight training for low time pilots.



Once you have met the above Tier 1 or Tier 2 requirements, you are welcome to forward your resume.  It will be reviewed and placed on file for six months.
If you are a low time pilot (Tier 2), please indicate in your cover letter, whether you are applying for a particular ground position at a specific base
or if you are open to working any ground position at any base.


Applicants will be offered a position as a First Officer upon the successful completion of ground school and flight training.  
As a rule, First Officers from with-in the company are upgraded to a Captain position.


Captains Requirements are:



1)       3,000 hours minimum total time.

2)       ATPL

3)       1000 hours minimum experience multi-engine IFR

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