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2017 Holiday Schedule

Additional Flights Added

Additional flights have been added to our schedule on Saturday, December 23. To view our flight schedule for Saturday, December 23 complete a search for flights using our flight booking tool located on the left side of this page.


Book Early + Save.

Flights during the holidays usually book up early due to high demand. We suggest booking early to try and secure one of our lower priced Econ fares. Typically, our fares only increase in cost the longer you wait to book.


Need Flexibility?

If you are unsure of your travel plans and think they may change over the holidays, consider purchasing a Flex or Flex+ fare as these fares have reduced change and cancellation fees. These fares could end up saving you money if you need to change a reservation.

Below is a summary table of Central Mountain Air fare rules. For detailed information about our fare rules please click here.

All fees are per direction, per passenger and includes GST (prices are in Canadian Dollars).

*The applicable fare difference must be paid in addition to the change fee.



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