Our Fleet

Our Fleet


Central Mountain Air currently operates a modern fleet of fourteen Beech 1900D, twin engine turboprop aircraft offering a comfortable, pressurized environment. The 18 seat aircraft also provides a roomy stand-up cabin and washroom facilities.

The most recent version of the highly acclaimed 1900 series, the “D” raises the bar in performance as well. The 1900”D” reduces your travel time by traveling at a speed of 531 Kilometers per hour.

Listed below are just some of the impressive features that make the most recent edition of the Beech 1900 series the industry leader in technology and customer comfort.

Cabin: 18 Hospitality Class Seats
Flight Crew: 2 Pilots
No Flight Attendant
Speed: 531 Kilometres per Hour (330 Miles per Hour)
Altitude: 7,625 Metres (25,000 Feet)
Cabin fully pressurized for a maximum altitude of 2,745 Metres (9,000 Feet)
Range: 2,240 Kilometres (1,400 Nautical Miles)
Fuel Capacity: 2,518 Litres (665 US gallons)
Engines: 2 Pratt and Whitney PT6A-67D Turboprop
Engines with two Hartzell Propellers
Length: 17.4 Metres (57.1 Feet)
Wing Span: 17.4 Metres (57.1 Feet)
Height: 4.3 Metres (14.2 Feet)
Cargo Capacity: 6.4 Cubic Metres (192 Cubic Feet) for a maximum load of 659 Kilograms (1,430 lbs.).

The Beechraft 1900D is designed as a commuter aircraft and offers passengers the comforts of stand-up headroom, executive seating and a bathroom located in the rear of the aircraft.

• 18 Passengers • Cargo hold (145 cubic feet)
• Pressurized turboprop • Grass/Gravel strip cabability
• 334 MPH • Cruises at 18,000 – 25,000 feet


Our fleet of Dornier 328 airliner is designed to offer passengers the comforts of stand-up headroom, inflight service, executive seating and a bathroom located in the rear of the aircraft.

Cabin: 30 Hospitality Class Seats
Flight Crew: 2 Pilots
One Flight Attendant
Speed: 375 Miles per Hour
Altitude: 31,000 Feet
Range: 3,830 Kilometres (2,000 Nautical Miles)
Fuel Capacity: 7,574.4 lbs (4,094.3 US gallons)
Engines: Pratt and Whitney 119B Engines
Length: 69′ 10? (21.28 Metres)
Wing Span: 68′ 10? (20.98 Metres)
Height: 23′ 9? (7.24 Metres)
Cargo Capacity: 222.48 Cubic Feet (6.3 Cubic Metres)

DASH 8-100

The Dash 8-100 fleet is capable of carrying up to 37 passengers in pressurized comfort.

This very popular regional airliner is able to operate from unprepared northern airstrips while offering passengers the highest level of onboard amenities.

Some of the available amenities include stand-up headroom, onboard washroom, galley and a flight attendant.

dash-8 300

Manufacturer: De Havilland
Canada Type: Twin engine turboprop
Speed: 330 mph
Range: 1,174 nm
Ceiling: 25,000 ft
Runway Required: 3,500 ft
Gross Weight: 43,000 lbs
Passengers: 37
Maximum Payload: 12,000lbs
Cargo Capacity: 2200lbs

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